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The story of Strömberg & sandell began in the early 2000’s.

 Fritiof Strömberg and Mattias Sandell first met when providing technical solutions for an audio and video system for the creation of a new interior design store in central Stockholm.

It took ten years before they met again, this time in Fritiof’s hometown Oslo. The Norwegian capital was filled with business opportunities and the two entrepreneurs decided to join forces and take advantage of their shared knowledge and wide network of contacts. 

With wide-ranging technical skills and a good reputation in the business they started providing complete advanced solutions for lighting, audio and video to the premium residential sector in Norway.

Within a year the company was in full swing. Mattias and Fritiof had with their passion for technology and their vision created a company that could fulfill the need for a complete high-end custom integrator. Since they could master the whole process from demand analysis to installation and programming, and offering an unrivalled level of customer support they quickly built a reputation for excellence. 

Now one of Norway’s fastest growing companies the new business opportunities came thick and fast and the partners were quick to adopt and refine new ideas. Projects in fashionable private homes were combined with ventures in unique commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, conference centers, boutiques and arenas.

Light Group Nordic became a business partner in 2018. Thanks to Jörn Furuhaug and his team, new doors were opened for business and development completing the first phase of the journey.

Strömberg & Sandell are well-equipped for further growth with even more sophisticated systems in new projects and markets.